About us

Design Clips is founded by a multidisciplinary team of designers, planners, environmental experts, social experts and marketers with a wealth of previous experience in working towards a more inclusive and sustainable “citymaking”. Our shared values and beliefs, which brought us together as a team, influence the work that we do, how we do it, and the impact we hope to achieve. Passionate about vibrant and livable cities for all, our team envisions creating a positive impact through design by incorporating equity, inclusion, and access as our values across all projects.

Design Clips focuses on the development of participatory strategies and tools that enable citizens’ active contribution to different levels of decision-making and planning, primarily related to urban issues. We partner with private, public, and non-profit clients to identify their unique needs and provide tailored solutions to strengthen cities. We believe that the key for a successful urban project lies at the intersection of multi-level collaboration among the relevant stakeholders. Therefore, our mission is to successfully link the client’s vision for a project to its local context and design the combining element between the project’s scope and its end-user’s needs, just like a “clip”.