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Clipping together your project's vision with the needs of the end-users.

We enable our clients to think creatively and bring their ideas to action by applying a combined design thinking and participant-driven approach that provides the appropriate tools to fulfill their vision.

Our Services

We design and execute inclusive, holistic stakeholder and community engagement and outreach strategies to understand and reflect diverse community and client needs in planning. Our methods include various techniques that range from surveys and workshops to focus groups and hands-on activities. In doing so, we develop a unique project-tailored structured process that combines traditional participatory methods with innovative ICT tools ensuring equal accessibility and appropriateness for all involved participants. The scale of our projects ranges from large-scale masterplans to neighborhood level interventions.

As public space enthusiasts, particularly fascinated with how people shape the city’s public realm, our work focuses mainly on urban design solutions at the street level, such as incremental street interventions or public space frameworks that improve the quality of life at the neighborhood scale. Our projects range from placemaking frameworks to designing innovative place-based solutions.

We develop user-centered solutions (urban design, policy making, educational programs) by applying design thinking approach and executing deep collective research with a particular focus on children and youth.

We develop methods and processes to facilitate strategic planning for our clients helping them to think ahead and make informed decisions based on quantitative and qualitative analysis, past experience and an informed knowledge of the complex political, social, environmental and physical context.

Our Work

"Exploring biodiversity" workshop
with children
[Elementary School]
Schoolyard re-design

[elementary school in Athens, GR]
Schoolyard re-design

[Elementary School in Thessaloniki, GR]
Schoolyard re-design

[Nursery school in Thessaloniki, GR]
Multi-stakeholder workshop for
transit-oriented development
[part of Resilient Thessaloniki team]
"Co-designing" workshop with children
[Elementary School]
Participatory Mapping
Thessaloniki Safe Routes to School Scheme
[part of Resilient Thessaloniki team]

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